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pabulumba is a tiny content management system. Download it from here.

Using pabulumba, you can create your own interfaces into your own data in a matter of minutes, as long as you can cut and paste.

No need to code; pabulumba will generate that for you when necessary.

Built on the same stable platforms as many industrial-strength CMS (PHP, MySQL), pabulumba just works.

Make your application as simple or as complex as you can imagine, using the built-in tools.

Utilise the experience of other contributors to pabulumba and save hours of effort (or DIY just for fun).

Read the manual, which caters for beginners to professionals.

Read the code: pabulumba has nothing to hide. Make suggestions; pabulumba can always get better.

pabulumba can be as pretty or as ugly as you want it.

You can crash pabulumba, but you can fix it pretty easily too.

Build your own Cloud applications. For free. Put them on a server and let someone else back your data up.

Use it on your smart phone.